Our Process

Initial Contact

We start our process gathering as much data and information about you and your project as we possibly can. Typically, clients will fill out the YOUR PROJECT form which helps our clients become clear as to what they are asking and for us to better understand the overall scope of work and expectations. During this time, we are able to assess needs, interests, preferences, Wish List, budget and scheduling. This is an ideal time to communicate openly to ensure that we are all on target with the Design Concept. We LOVE, having some direction and often clients will share "Look Books" or images they have collected of things they are drawn to as a visual reference.

Establish Scope Of Work & Contract

Now that we feel like we know what our clients are looking for, we are able to outline a Scope of Work which indicates all of the things we will be working on together. This provides focus and clarity to the project at hand and allows us to outline an efficient path to achieve professional results.

By this time, we should have already established an ideal Timeline and Budget to pair with our Scope of Work and we are able to create a detailed Interior Design Contract. While contracts do seem a bit "legal" and scary, we always want to ensure that we are working openly and honestly with our clients.

Each contract is tailored to the client and the project allowing us to work within a number of different fee structures according to what is most appropriate for the project at hand.  


Preliminary Design Concept

For existing properties, we do a thorough field measure of the existing space to create a set of plans known as an "As-Built" plan. From there, we start our process of creating any changes to the overall floor plan and outline a "Furnished Floor Plan". The Furnished Floor Plan allows our team to dissect each room and space into manageable segments for specifying, ordering and installing. During this process, we utilize information about our clients Wish List and create a preliminary story board with images, textiles, material samples and anything that will help us relay the concept. 

Depending upon where our clients are located, we either meet at the job location, our offices or host meetings via internet. This process that we work through WITH our clients is exciting and important as it allows us to focus on specific client needs. 


Final Design

After we have worked through the preliminary design and made any necessary revisions, we set to work creating a detailed outline of the steps to achieve the design. Based on the changes to the Furnished Floor Plan, we begin the process of ordering specified products and materials, designing any custom furnishings and built-ins, as well as move to creating Construction Documents as needed for any construction or renovation project. 

Our Final Design documentation typically includes;

  • As Built Plans
  • New Furnished Floor Plans
  • Demolition Schedule
  • Key Interior & Exterior Elevations
  • Lighting & Electrical Plans
  • Millwork Plans 
  • Concrete & Masonry Plans
  • Steel & Ironwork Plans
  • Landscape Plans
  • Window Dressings Plan
  • Interior & Exterior Finish Schedule


Onsite Construction

Once plans and construction documents are completed and the budgets have been approved, we move into the process where we begin any onsite construction. During this time, our team works with the tradespeople to ensure that they understand and follow our detailed plans and prepare the space for finish work and final installation. 


Offsite Fabrication

While all of the excitement seem to be happening onsite, we have talented craftspeople working hard offsite fabricating custom furnishings, cabinetry, lighting, window dressings, decorative ironwork and the like in preparation for final installation. This process is very detailed and allows our team to spend time with each workshop on an individual basis to ensure that plans are being followed and that all information is properly communicated. Once the onsite construction has made way for the offsite fabricated products, they process of installation begins and our team monitors the process and inspects the quality along the way. 


Final Installation

Once the onsite construction and offsite fabrication is complete, we are ready to begin the Final Installation phase. Depending on the scale and scope of work, this could take a few days and for larger projects can take weeks.

During this crucial time, our team is All-Hands-On-Deck to ensure all details are according to our plans and make any necessary adjustments along the way to achieve the intended results. This is an exciting process where all of the trades converge in an orchestrated process to tend to all final detailing in preparation for the Final Walkthrough. 

As the trades are busy completing their work, our team is working on all of the small details. From assembling pieces and rooms, making beds, hanging art, fluffing pillows, cutting flowers and merchandising the spaces, our goal is to get prepared for a Big Reveal.  


Final Walk-Through

The Final Walkthrough is the Big Reveal moment that everyone has been working towards. Whether or not the clients have been active around the job-site during the construction phase, this is where everything comes together apparently seamlessly. During the Final Walkthrough, our team showcases the properties features and how to use any of the new upgrades. 

After a successful walkthrough, we finalize some project end paperwork and return the balance of any retainers earned throughout the project. We typically ask our clients for any input and suggestions as well as leave them with a Testimonial Card. This is a great time to celebrate what we have created together and is one of the high points of the process.  

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