"We hired Joel and his team to plan and execute a major renovation of a home in Palm Springs, California. Joel listened carefully and captured the spirit of our vision in a set of professionally-rendered plans and an accurate and detailed budget. He responded quickly to questions and change requests, and provided contacts for supplemental suppliers and services as needed. Despite the fact that we were more than 1,300 miles away while the renovation proceeded, Joel stayed in close touch and made sure that progress photos were available via Dropbox at regular intervals. Our project came in on time and on target, and we will unquestionably rely on Joel for future projects."

Kevin, Palm Springs, CA

"Hands down one of the best designers I've worked with. Joel gets the job completed with budget in mind without compromising quality and style. He goes over and beyond to make the client happy. Takes the time to offer extra services with no pressure but with the clients best interest in mind. He designed our vacation home and now we feel like we are going to an exclusive getaway whenever we visit. 

Thank you Joel for all your talent, vision, perfection, and confidence our home would look exceptional. You have accomplished this and more. He also does a great job keeping in mind families with children and thinks about them during the design process."

Mira, La Quinta, CA

Entrepreneur & Mother of two kids

"Working with Joel is pretty simple. He walks into your home and his eyes light up. We easily start a lovely conversation about life, the neighborhood, the property and you instantly start to see Joel's mind go to work. He's not only paying full attention to the conversation, he's also creating a vision and design of your home. We gave Joel a deadline of Thanksgiving Eve. This only gave him a little over a month. During that time, updates and photos "teasers" were sent to us until "the reveal". 


"The Reveal" - We walked into our home and were amazed at the level of detail and thought he brought to the tables, mirrors, outdoor living space. The family was shocked and so happy. He makes it look easy. He makes it look simple. Selecting Joel for our next vacation home is a no brainier. He's a pleasure to work with."

Rene, Palm Springs, CA

"I purchased a Ming Credenza I saw while shopping on Houzz. It was the first piece of furniture I ever ordered online, and I was a bit apprehensive. The credenza arrived yesterday, and it is everything I hoped for. The workmanship is lovely and the hardware is spectacular. They allowed me to take delivery unfinished, and they even included an extra piece of wood for my finisher to use as a sample board. Kevin Macey always promptly answered my questions, and when he was unavailable the owner, Joel Dessaules, answered the phone himself and was a delight to work with. I would highly recommend Joel Dessaules Design".

Diane, Los Angeles, CA 

"What can I say.... AMAZING! 

Joel has done many things for me over the years. His latest is a new kitchen in my Nichols Canyon post and beam. 

We love it. He did it on budget as promised and on time. His attention to detail is unmatched. 

Joel comes in takes over and you no longer need to worry. Thanks Joel!"

Rob, Los Angeles, CA

"I had the pleasure of working with Joel when he renovated the home of some friends, designed and fabricated furniture to achieve their vision, and completed the age-defying makeover in time for the home's inclusion on the Palm Springs Modernism tour last year. The end result represents the homeowners' colorful personalities, and their boutique chic home is showcased on the pages of Palm Springs Life Magazine in my article, "Fresh-Faced and Flirty" (February 2014). This writer was pleased to work with a designer who responded to my many requests for information, who was professional in every way and even provided additional details for photo captions at the last minute in a tight time frame. I look forward to crossing paths again with Joel on another architectural feature!"

Linda Meierhoffer, magazine writer

"Joel Dessaules Design creates beautiful, timeless furniture of exceptional quality. Joel helped us to customize the Ming Credenza to match the Kalahari Dining Table for our dining room. Both pieces are gorgeous and definitely the highlights of the room. Joel and his team have exceptional customer service and are a pleasure to work with. I recommend Joel Dessaules Design without hesitation." 

Janet, Austin, TX

"Bravo Joel Dessaules Bespoke Design! What started as a "paint and carpet" project unfolded into a fabulous redux on our unique Spanish desert home. He has exceeded our very high expectations and created the place of our dreams, complete with cozy homeyness balanced with lux.


When we hired JDD Inc., I looked up the meaning of "bespoke" as I was unfamiliar with that term. Bespoke: made to order, unique. Well for Joel it has even more meaning. For Joel it means no limit on options, regardless of the complexity. It means made from scratch for your specifications and delight. What a fitting word to describe his designs. Nothing we"ll ever see at the Jones'! 


Joel's attention to detail is impeccable. Joel's willingness to work within a budget, and stick to timelines has been refreshing. Need I say more? Three cheers for Joel Dessaules Bespoke Design!"

Sally, Palm Springs, CA

"I am the owner of a construction company in the Coachella valley. We have an excellent working relationship Joel Dessaules Designs. Joel is a very talented designer who sees things much differently than most. His creativity and his approach to projects is so refreshing. So many designers just do the same things over and over. Joel really finds the essence of the project and makes each one very unique and special for his client. I love being a part of team and getting to work on such exciting projects. He is great with his clients and it is such wonderful feeling getting to the end of project and seeing the clients face when they get to see Joel's design come to life. He is super thorough and detailed and thinks of every little thing. So if you are looking for something fresh, relevant, and meticulously done, then JDD is the company to go with. I refer him to all of my clients and they are never disappointed!"

Brian, Palm Desert, CA

"Joel is a delight to work with. A character and personality that makes the process fun. He was able to take some catalog/magazine clippings and "style words" that we gave him and create something true to our taste and elevated beyond what we would have done. He even used some of our existing pieces and made them take on a whole new life by how he incorporated them. Our experience was so rewarding that we now count him as one of our friends. As if his work didn't speak for itself, I would highly recommend Joel for your design needs."

Mike, Los Angeles, CA

"As a professional architectural / interior photographer for the past 18 years I've worked with Joel for at least 10 of them. Joel's designs are actually a pleasure to photograph. It's never the same thing done over. Which from my point of view is blessing. I've work many designers in my life and some are only good at one style. That is not the case with Joel. So much so we hired him to do our TV room. Couldn't be happier."

Scott, Palm Springs, CA

"Joel and his team re-organized and re-designed my awkward living/dining room space. They got to know me and my style first and made a real effort to accommodate all of my requests. Joel understood that I have a young baby so everything needed to be safe and durable. They did such a beautiful job! I left for the day and came home to a gorgeously decorated home."

Lauren, Los Angeles, CA

“Joel is supremely talented, honorable and a total pleasure to work with. For nearly a year, I would drive past Joel's showroom on La Brea in Los Angeles on my way to work, always drawn by new pieces in the window that I absolutely adored.  One day I decided I'd had enough already and just had to go in. I bought a set of gorgeous dining room chairs and also brought Joel into my life in a big way.  Together, we ended up completely redoing the living room and dining room in my sweet little 1930's Silver Lake home.  Joel's challenge working with me was estimable because I had a limited budget and also wanted to invest only in pieces that could translate well to another home since mine is a rental. The tradition/modern rooms turned out absolutely beautiful and precisely within budget. 

It has been three years since we completed our project and I still smile every morning when I cross through the living room.  One of the great things about working with Joel is that he really listens to you and tries to identify choices that express what you want, not what he wants (which most interior design professionals do).  And now the home feels just like "me", but without the many mistakes I would have made if had I tried to do it on my own.  Plus, he is a pleasure to spend time with and will gladly accept a glass of wine on occasion. I cannot recommend Joel and his work more highly.  Hire him!” 

Kimberly, Los Angeles, CA 

“Joel knows I'm a huge fan of his work and his style. He is passionate about his work and his clients, and he seamlessly combines modern and/or contemporary pieces with the traditional. He is very creative at working with a client's current design situation and enhancing it, not completely changing it.” 

Catherine, Los Angeles, CA

“About six years ago we were looking for someone to renovate and decorate our home in Palm Desert, CA. After interviewing several designers and not being comfortable with them, we found Joel by wandering into his showroom. We loved what he had to offer, so we set up a consultation at our home. When he came to our house, we immediately liked him and felt comfortable enough to hire him.

We live elsewhere 7 months of the year, and the renovation was to take place over the summer when we were gone. Well, we had contractor problems and the work was delayed. Fast forward to when we were having a wedding in the area and the house had to get finished quickly; Joel was an absolute doll helping us get it all thrown together in time. We still love everything that he did, six years later, and now consider him a friend. We would definitely "import" him if we needed to do another house. His taste is impeccable.” 

Karla, Palm Desert, CA

“JDD did an excellent job of interpreting, improving and implementing our desires rather than imposing his vision on us. He also was accommodating to our budget. We very much appreciated Joel's collaborative, "easy" style and he is joy to be around. We cannot recommend him and his team highly enough.” 

Nancy, Los Angeles, CA

“Joel Dessaules Design did a complete rehab of what was basically a building contractor's office in my 4 bedroom detached guest house. They did a complete architectural remodel, which included everything from design to actually making the custom furniture. Most important his team oversaw the actual construction itself. Several magazines have tried to do stories/layouts of the work, but for privacy reasons I do not allow it.” 

Bob, Palm Desert, CA

“The Joel Dessaules Design staff is the best. I was initially looking for a floor lamp for my California home, and a decorator in Laguna Beach had a wonderful piece, but I was told it would take many weeks to get and it was very expensive. While I pondered spending too much on one piece, I looked online for the same lamp and found it on their online store. I called and was given time and thoughtful counsel, and ordered the lamp for many hundreds less than I expected. The lamp arrived in just three days and I love it!

Since the lamp purchase, I am using them to decorate the rest of my home. You are always on their radar for conference and cool additions. I would most highly recommend Joel Dessaules Design for any and all your needs.” 

Robin, Dana Point, CA


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